Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well the "cafe meeting" went well, (as did the interview thank you for asking - but more on that later.) I had to work through pretty late to get everything ready, but am really exicted with how it's coming together. This meeting was a "first rough/concept" meeting where I presented my ideas on colour theme and shapes through presenting actual ranges. I had not worked out some of the finer details, but it was really only a chance for the client to indicate whether I am on the right track before I get too far into the project.

Fortunately she loved it and after sharing some of her own great ideas on where to take it from here, I feel really inspired and am itching to get stuck into things,so will keep this short.

(Can you tell that I got the go-ahead to do some character stuff!?) would you believe that some KIDS apparel business prefer boys to look like men, so I am thrilled to be given the go-ahead to make it a bit more "fun".

Have not had the chance to edit the post about self promotion, but have not forgotten. Thanks for your great comments and support so far.

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