Monday, January 28, 2008


Not the best start!
I missed my normal 6:00am Monday morning exercise class this morning to enjoy the luxury of a sleep-in with my hubbie. In my defence, it IS a public holiday here in Australia!

So, torn between the desire to make the most of a day with my husband, and seizing the opportunity to get stuck into my workload without the interuption of client emails and phone calls, we have reached a compromise.

We are off to see the movie Juno that everyone seems to have been raving about, and I am trying to justify this by going to the cinema at our local Highpoint shopping centre where I can then do some more research on the big retailer I am preparing the apparel presentation for.

When I get back, I'll share some of the things involved in this research phase of my project.


lil kim said...

wow! you are going to be one busy chickadee! I'm sure you'll get it done (it's amazing how a deadline can light a fire under you!) and I'm sure you'll do it with flair!
I'm leaving tomorrow but I'll be in touch when I'm back - hopefully you'll have a spare moment to catch up! ;-)

carly said...

i'm flabbergasted. exhausted just reading about your schedule!! good luck! you'll be fabulous no matter what though!

on a diff note - i've heard silverchair, regurgitator, grinspoon, hilltop hoods, rage against the machine, something with numbers and bjork from my flat!

Danielle McDonald said...

How funny! We could hear all of those bands from out place too! We could not work out where the music was coming from and realised how close we now are to the Big Day Out venue! We are getting old though because we had to shut all of the windows to get some sleep! There was a time when we would have been there amongst the crowd!!