Thursday, February 7, 2008


Last night was a great excuse to have an evening off. We took advantage of Chinese New Year celebrations to get out and share it with the local community! We were out early to enjoy the festival, which included lots of rides and side shows, as well as new and amazing Vietnamese food and drink to try out! It was great fun and nice to be a "local" for these celebrations!We managed to make it home before the downpour, and were kept awake with firecrackers and fireworks ALL night - good fun but glad it's just once a year!

It was pretty spectacular, but I am really tired today! I had to get up pretty early to be prepared for a day of meetings - all of which went well.

I came home to squeeze in a last minute "quick illustration" job for a friend who needed a couple of things done on the spot. I am too tired to be productively creative tonight, so have decided that I am better off getting a good night sleep so that I can be more efficient tomorrow. I need to work the whole weekend to get through these deadlines, so it's worth pacing myself a bit.

Thank you to all of you who have left comments and shared thoughts throughout this busy process, as well as those who nominated me for the "you make my day awards!" It's a lovely gesture and I really do appreciate it! I am missing reading all of your blogs at the moment, as I focus on the job at hand, so am looking forward to visiting again soon! Good night!

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