Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am sure that my work dominated ramblings are getting monotonous now, so I thought I'd spice things up a bit, by bringing forward an announcement that I was saving until the day before we left to go to Tassie:

I AM GOING BACK TO FULL-TIME WORK! And I am REALLY excited about it!

How? When?!What? Why? Where? Where does this leave my blogging, my freelancing....?
Ok, Ok - one question at a time!

Click below for some answers to these questions!

A. Those of you who have read my self promotional write up will know that I have always kept my eye on the job market, and I would have to say that this particular ad was the first one that has really caught my attention enough to consider applying for the full-time position. I was excited just from reading the ad! (Always a pretty good sign!)

A. Regular readers may also recall the quick mention of me attending the interview back in my first posts about this crazy busy period for me, here!...and you may also have noticed that I have not really mentioned much about it since attending the first interview! (Did not want to jinx anything or get my hopes up too much until it was all confirmed!)

A. It's a Product Developer position in a new industry for me, which is another reason I am so excited and inspired! I just love the learning process and being challenged in new areas!

A. Many reasons! One of the things that I miss the most about freelancing, is being involved in the whole product life cycle! This has been a big learning curve for me over the last 12 months or so of freelancing. Most of my freelance projects just involve the design side of the process. It's just not enough for me! I want to get involved in the planning, development and analysis side of things as well! I was not prepared for how much I would miss this side of product design!

Strangely, I just had a great feeling from the minute I read the job ad. This feeling was strengthened following the very first interview, when I discovered how great the people in the business were. I came away with a feeling that I could really make a strong contribution to this team, but also that I could learn alot from them too!

I am delighted that they seemed to get this feeling too, and after a few days of me seriously contemplating a move out of what my ex-work collegues have always called my "semi-retirement" (ie. freelance!!? - clearly they have no understanding of the demands of the freelance market!!), and following a second interview, I knew what I wanted! So I was just delighted when I received the phone call offering me the position!

A. Well, it's on the other side of town for me, and it will take a while to get there, but I have ALWAYS travelled long distances to my work and when I love what I am doing, then it's not a drama. It's actually also good wind "up" or "down" time in the car with the radio going!

A. As soon as I get back from my trip to Tasmania!

A. YOU BET! I am loving this whole process, but I will of course, be a bit restricted with how much I can share about my day job!

I am excited now about having a bit more time to really decorate and develop our lovely new house, so I plan on sharing all of these details with you! I have some "mural" plans (eeek - I don't mean to freak out my husband who has actually given me the OK on this front!) and I plan to finally create some of my own art and craft to hang on the walls, and dress things up a bit.

A. A BIT! One of things that I love about the business philosophy of my new work place is the work /life balance that they promote! You even get a day off on your birthday! How cool is that?!! I am really at a stage in my career when I am looking for that balance of work/life, so I don't really want to overload myself again with working every weekend and evening!

However,I still have an unfulfilled goal (like many of you!) to write and illustrate my own kids book, so I plan to focus on this goal in my "down" time, (and to share this journey with you here too)so will keeping up my book freelance work on some level.

A. OF COURSE! I really enjoying putting together these features, and I love all of the great feedback from all of you too!

So - that's it in a nutshell! ....Ok, so another LOOOONG nutshell!!! I have informed all of my freelance clients, and have officially signed the documents for my new job. I am really excited and have already started a sketch book of ideas for the new job (I confess that I had to start this after the first interview as my mind was just spinning with ideas!!....just as well I got the job!)

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along whether you leave comments or not! I look forward to sharing this next new phase with you all!.....hhhmmm, I guess I had better update my blogger profile soon too!


Kristine said...

Congratulations Danielle. I'll be looking for clues in your blog entries to find out more about this new job. I'm intrigued. Enjoy Tassie and enjoy your first day at work.

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks Kristine! It will be a challenge for me to not give too much away as I am pretty excited about it.

Chickengirl said...

Congrats, Danielle! It sounds like the job is a perfect fit for you, and from your excitment that is the perfect move!!

I've always been asked that if I would ever go back to a full time job. Never say never. There are always incredible full time positions out there that I wouldn't mind having.

freelancing="semi-retirement"?! LOL...if only...!

congrats again!

Rachelle Anne Miller said...

Congratulations on the new position! I wish you the BEST of luck with it! I look forward to hearing all about it on your blog :o)

nina seven said...

Congrats, Danielle! How exciting to be starting a new adventure. I'll miss all your tips on freelancing..you have always been so generous to help us newbies! Send some work my way if you get something you can't do!!! heee hee.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh I'm going to miss you Dan... ha, ha although you are not going anywhere but your full time job.. but I don't know why I feel like your leaving. Congratulations on this! It sounds like you are very excited! I'm happy for you. I'll keep visiting as always Dan.
Enjoy your trip!!! Love that mouse! :o)


joanne said...

congrats!!! As long as you can still have time for your fabulous netball team!!!!

Danielle McDonald said...

I will always have time for netball! I love it - we are just starting to really work together as a team - and we have a common goal of "THAT" team to beat!! Oh, yeah....AND I definitely need the exercise!

Thank you all for your kind words! I look forward to sharing this new phase with you all! Am on the countdown to Tassie now as I try to wind up this last project!

Carly said...

that is very exciting! and very busy! though i think you have always thrived on being busy to the max! congratulations!!

as for your phone call about that show i won't mention on here in case your readers get the wrong idea about the types of tv shows you watch - tell your husband that the song on the Unwired ad by Archtitecture in Helsinki is actually "We Don't Walk" by The Paper Scissors.

I googled it: http://au.answers.yahoo.com/answers2/frontend.php/question?qid=20080201002215AARlwuQ .
See ya!