Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have another cafe meeting tomorrow morning to present the apparel ranges. I must admit that dispite the MASSIVE amount of work involved I am loving it! I have spent WAY too long on this project, but I can't help it! I am just not satisfied with "that will do!" I could have stopped yesterday, having done enough to fill the brief, but I could not help but push it a little further and am just thrilled with how it's come together.

I can not wait to show my client, (which is always a really good sign) and not a feeling that you get from every assignment. I know that there will be many hours of this project that I will not be able to charge for (a topic for another discussion at some point!) but sometimes I feel that it's worth the extra effort and investment to get such a great result, and if the customer is as happy as I am and it results in strong sales, then of course this increases my chances of more work, and contributes to my professional reputation.

I am of course, also jumping the gun here, as there is never any guarantee that my client will love it as much as I do - especially when it's a new client that I am still building a relationship with, but will know more tomorrow!

I still have quite a bit to do though, as I am really trying to get strong balance in the product mix at the moment, and am trying to make sure that the graphics mix is different enough between the stories, but that they are also age appropriate.

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Carly said...

hey there
woah, full on! as long as you're loving it hough - makes you want to work harder.
i am home sick today.
i blogged too:
great to talk to you the other night, we haven't spoken like that in ages!
ok, better go - got to go to dr soon!
enjoy your day :)

Kelly Medina said...

Good luck at the meeting! I can't wait to hear how it went.

Hollabee said...

Hi there,

i'm passing the 'you make my day' award onto you :)

Love reading your blog.


Suse said...

I love looking at pics of peoples' craft studios. Thanks for sharing yours!

Kristine said...

Seems I'm not the only one loving your blog, as Bianca has bestowed you with a "you make my day" award. I second that, and I hope you have a great day.

Ratlion said...

Hey Danielle,
This is my first time commenting here but I've been a frequent visitor cum lurker for quite sometime now and just wanted to say I love your blog and what you do here :)

Like Bianca, I'm passing the 'You Make My Day' Award to you too :) Details on my blog.


Ratlion said...

Correction: This is not my first time commenting! I love your Illustration Friday entries! :D

Danielle McDonald said...

Wow everyone! Thank you so much for your comments and support! It's been an exhausting day, and it's lovely to get home to all of these comments.
A special thank you to Bianca and Radha for the "you make my day awards" and to Kelly who sent me one a little while ago.
I can't quite fit in the passing out of awards to some of my favourites just yet, but I hope to make up for that a little later.

I have also been noticing some lovely new people commenting of late which is always nice too, and I hope to get around to visiting your sites soon too! So thanks again!