Saturday, February 16, 2008


This image is a sneak peak from the pyjama ranges that I was working on at the end of last year. They are out in store now, and I am really pleased with how they have all come up. The factories always seem to do a great job with the winter ranges. The quality is lovely!

It's another weekend of work for me this weekend, but given that this time next week I will be on a ferry heading towards two glorious weeks away with the love of my life, then I think it's worth the sacrifice!

Click below to check out my "To Do" List for the weekend!

My "TO DO" list for the weekend looks like this:

1. X2 logo concepts for the apparel branding project. (Have done x1 already, but I need to give them a couple of other options to pick from.

2. Work on the look of the presentation, including how the garments may look in store, on hangers, and with supporting Point Of Sale Material. (Using one of the logos as an example.)These need to be ready for Monday.

1. Invoicing (for a couple of those "quick" jobs I squeezed in last week.)

2. BAS statement. (This is some tax paperwork that I am required to lodge every quarter with the Tax Office! It's boring stuff, but all part of the joys of freelancing!)

3. Style File Submission. I want to update the images on my page over at The Style File. If you are interested in applying to contribute to this site they are currently accepting submissions until the February the 29th - or if you are already on it, it's a great chance to refresh and update the images. All details are here.

4. Illustrator Biography: I have been asked for a photo and a short biography on myself for the website of one of my book publishers! I find this a little scary, but maybe it will help me feel like a "real" illustrator?! Anyway, as part of my "seize every opportunity" philosophy I thought I'd better take up this offer! Gawd - where am I going to find a half decent photo? I wonder if they will accept an "artists interpretation sketch" instead?!

IF I get through this list over the weekend, (and yes it IS a big ask!) then I can focus on the two new Front Covers for those books I am working on, and I have also had some feedback on the internal book illustrations for the other book project, so there's not a lot of down time this week!


lil kim said...

Hey Dan,
just checking back into blogworld after being away and sounds like you've been super busy! Hope all is going well ... I think you deserve that holiday! Let me know if you have time to squeeze in a coffee when you get back x

Alicia Padrón said...

How cool Dan!! Those robots are adorable. I'm sure Gabriel would love to have pajamas like these ones. So I'm sure they'll sell so well!

Oh you deserve those two weeks of vacation.. how wonderful. Enjoy Dan!!!

Wow a picture and a bio??!! How cool is that!! You're already a star my friend :o) Yey!!

Alicia Padrón said...

By the way I'm changing your name now.. Im calling you busy-busy-danny-bee! ;o)

Danielle McDonald said...

Welcome back you two! I have missed your regular comments!

h&b said...

Wow - great jammie design, the boy would love these !