Sunday, May 25, 2008


Three things I have had to give up to get my freelance work done:
1.A night out here on Saturday night with friends and my husband,(yes I did actually stay home and work instead.)
2. An organised night out on Monday night with this clever illustrator to help her celebrate the launch of a book using one of her illustrations. (So sorry Kim, I owe you a dinner!)
3. A FREE ticket to see this guy live in concert this Tuesday night. (Have fun without me Carly and Jo!)
And did I mention working 12 hour days on my weekend? Which turns into 14-16 hours during the week! No "glamour" in this industry! Just hard work! (But of course it's worth it, or I wouldn't do it!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi mickey D, I have just caught up on your blog. Everything is brilliant as usual! Sounds like you need to stay on that island for a bit longer.... kick back and enjoy! Allison

Danielle McDonald said...

Great to hear from you Al! Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to a catch up with your news soon!

lil kim said...

Hey Dan, as I said this is no worries!
BUT, there is an opportunity for redemption if you are able/interested. Shaun Tan's new book is being launched this Friday 6pm at Readings Carlton. I'm definitely going!!! let me know if you want to meet there as I'm sure it will be packed xx

Carly said...

Hmm...Joe Jackson was very dull for me. Jo loved it, but I thought he was a smarmy Kermit sound-alike. And I only knew two songs.
Hope the holiday is going well!