Sunday, May 18, 2008


It was a pretty cold weekend here in Melbourne, so it was a wonderful opportunity to stay inside by the heater and do some research for my Inspiration Monday posts. I have found some great new stuff and let me start things off with this talented artist:

Sarah is a recent graduate from Maine College of Art, and hosts a gorgeous little blog that features some of her craft and design work. Here's a bit of teaser for you...

...but be sure to check out her etsy store and blog for more details. (It's worth seeking out her felt crafts too!)
Click below to see some fabulous crafts from Syko in Finland, the very talented Karin Mannerstal, and some fabulous products from Uchi Australia.

I just could not resist this gorgeous pouch from Syko in Finland, so I just bought it! (Sorry, no more left! But do check out her fabulous website and the rest of her gorgeous products here at her etsy store!)

This Swedish designer has a background in Graphic Design, but has turned her hand to various product design opportunities, including some fun and colourful designs for IKEA. I love the simple and understated website that lets the images speak for themselves, so I guess I should just do the same.

Now for that Aussie touch that I can't resist each Monday! I came across this fabulous company at this cute aussie website.
From what I can make out, Uchi are originally an Australian company who are now taking on the international scene.

I have never head of them until now, but I just love their ranges. The website is very well designed and it's worth checking out some of the other great prints and products available through their site.

Check back next Monday for some more Inspiration.

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